salary honesty

Not discussing salaries is detrimental to employees, and serves as an open door for corporate exploitation on bases of sex, gender, race, orientation, experience (and specifically the lack thereof), and otherwise. Posting my salary history is an attempt to fight pay inequality: my salary can be used as a direct data point for anyone wanting information on salaries in related positions, locations, languages, and experience levels.

At the time of first writing this I am still a college student with little experience and an accepted job offer. I intend to update this chart as I progress in my career. Hopefully the information here can help somebody negotiate their own salary, and help me negotiate my own salary in the future.

Update August 2022: Ironically, I decided it was best to remove my salary information from public display. This sort of information can and will be maliciously used by nefarious companies and undermines my ability to negotiate. With that said, my email is always available if you want to ask for this information!