Nick Silvestri's Résumé

Mission Statement

I am a full-stack developer who focuses on maximizing velocity and minimizing complexity, enabling fast iteration, safe deployments, and scalability.



Experienced in:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Java
  • C

Familiar with:

  • Python
  • C#
  • C++
  • Rust
  • bash


Experienced in:

  • React
  • Linux
  • git
  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • PostGIS
  • Windows
  • Leaflet
  • Mapbox
  • Jira and Confluence

Familiar with:

  • AWS products: EC2, RDS, Route53, SNS, Secrets Manager, and more
  • Docker
  • Redis
  • Jenkins
  • Next.js (this site!)
  • Playwright

I also have experience doing server administration, graphic design, video editing, 3D modelling, technical and report writing, and social media management, learning new skills as necessary.


Lead Developer at ElectroTempo

November 2021 - August 2023

  • Primary developer of a full stack EV analytics suite, writing >95% of application code that supported the company from $30K to nearly $1M in annual revenue while tripling in valuation from $5M to $15M
  • Solidified ambiguously-defined user requests into concrete product requirements for several distinct customers in a unified interface
  • Spearheaded a transition to better developer practices by introducing TypeScript, unit testing, end-to-end testing, and automated CI/CD pipelines, decreasing bug reports found in production by 80% and reducing deployment times from 2-6 hours to 2-6 minutes
  • Improved application response times by as much as 20x by optimizing SQL queries, data relationships, and analysis of MySQL indexes
  • Converted a multi-phase simulation pipeline into an automated set-and-forget tool, reducing the total runtime by up to 16 hours and freeing 2+ hours of manual work per run

Junior Software Engineer at Orbit Logic

November 2020 - June 2021

  • Modernized a WinForms app to a React SPA, emphasizing behavioral parity with the previous native Windows version across the entire application stack (front end, back end, and database)
  • Creatively problem-solved cross-team problems by creating systems to inject React components into UI elements that were created by other parts of the organization
  • Constructed highly composable and reusable React components from purpose-built elements, reinforcing a consistent design language through the application

Web Application Developer at Planned Systems International

November 2019 - November 2020

  • Part of a team spearheading AngularJS to Angular upgrade path, migrating fundamental services for other teams across the project without breaking compatibility
  • Addressed critical bug report tickets, with an average triage-to-fix time of under 24 hours
  • Implemented new Java monolith/database features with strong emphasis on data stability, permanence, and backwards-compatibility

Software Engineering Intern at the MMT Observatory

  • Wrote weather logging software for Raspberry Pis for interfacing with Redis+MySQL with associated front-end monitoring system using Highcharts
  • Restructured MySQL databases, and remotely maintained with Linux administration


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Arizona

  • Graduated cum laude with a minor in Astronomy

Outside of Work

I speedsolve Rubik's cubes and am a delegate for the World Cube Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit which recognizes competitions across the globe. I also unicycle, snowboard, and play D&D!